Denmark excels among Europe’s best workplaces 2015

Among Europe’s 100 best workplaces, 20 are Danish. This makes Denmark the country in Europe with the highest number of workplaces on the European Best Workplaces list measured per capital.

What makes the Danes stand out are high levels of trust towards management, the pride they take in their work and the family and team feeling they experience with colleagues. That is, if you take into account a new report published by Great Place to Work that shows that 20 out of Europe’s 100 best workplaces are located in Denmark.

Only England and Germany outperform Denmark in regards to numbers with 27 and 21, respectively. However, measured per capita Denmark is undoubtedly taking the lead.

The figures are based on national surveys carried out in 19 European countries involving 2.322 European workplaces and responses from 775.323 employees who filled out an extensive questionnaire regarding their workplace.

Great performance by Danish workplaces

The Danish workplaces distinguish themselves on a number of key areas such as psychological and emotional healthy work environment, management’s ability to show appreciation, employee perception of fair pay and camaraderie at the workplace.

“That explains the commitment that Danes generally express at their workplace when management is credible, respects employees and treats them fairly” stated Deputy Manager from Great Place to Work, Liselotte Jensen. “This is also key to how we will manage in the years to come – a future where readiness for change and the ability to adapt to new technology is becoming still more crucial. In this regard, Danish workplaces with high levels of social capital have a competitive advantage.”   

In addition, a report from the global analysis and consulting firm Great Place to Work shows that a Danish public sector workplace is the best-ranked public sector workplace on the European list.

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