Business, Unternehmen, biznes, verslas provides information on Danish rules and registrations as well as details on public authorities and labour market organisations. The information is now available in English, German, Polish and Lithuanian.

It can be quite a task to get an overview of the rules and regulations in a foreign country.  In Denmark, for example, different rules may apply, depending on the sector of the company and whether the company wants to provide services on a temporary basis or establish a service company.

The website provides an introduction to the relevant Danish rules and registrations as well as compliance levels for foreign companies in Denmark. Businesses may also complete registrations for VAT and RUT (the Register for Foreign Service Providers) and apply for specific authorisations. 

In English, German, Polish and Lithuanian
The English website is now also to be found in German, Polish and Lithuanian, providing information on the most commonly consulted rules.

Business in Denmark is hosted by the Danish Business Authority, which is an agency under the Danish Ministry for Business and Growth. Business in Denmark is run in close collaboration with other Danish authorities such as the Tax and Customs Authority (SKAT), the Danish Ministry of Labour and the Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet).

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