The Danish government makes it even easier to do business in Denmark

According to the World Bank, Denmark is the fifth easiest place in the world to set up and do business. But business conditions could be even better and for that reason, the government is now launching 48 concrete initiatives to make life even easier for Danish companies and their employees.

The initiatives are the results of suggestions for simpler regulations from the Business Forum.

"It is important that we are constantly working to make it easier to do business in Denmark. It is in companies that new jobs and growth are created. Therefore, we must do what we can to create the conditions for success," says Henrik Sass Larsen, Minister for Business and Growth.

The 48 specific initiatives to make business life easier include:

  • Easier reporting options to Statistics Denmark so companies do not spend unnecessary amounts of resources on providing data.
  • Online tools for the preparation of risk assessments.
  • Review of health and safety legislation so it does not clash with other legislation.

"It is simply no good having conflicting regulations. This is what we have now started to correct so that companies have clear regulations to refer to," says the minister.

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