The Danish government earmarks billions for research

The Danish government has announced that EUR 402.2 billion will be allocated to the continuation of the Danish National Research Foundation. The capital injection makes it possible for the foundation to support excellent research environments until 2026-2027, and ensures that Danish research capabilities will be able to compete internationally.

“We are very pleased with this fantastic news”, says Professor Liselotte Højgaard, chairman of the foundation’s board.

“We often see that the crucial breakthroughs which form the basis of future technologies and solutions have their starting point in curiosity-driven research. We have seen this over and over, and we also see it in the research centres which the foundation has helped to establish”, she continues.

Last year, an international evaluation panel carried out a comprehensive assessment of the foundation. The panel’s report concluded that the foundation’s Centers of Excellence provide research of international impact and importance.

Furthermore, the panel said that the Danish National Research Foundation is extremely successful and that its Centers of Excellence programme has raised the quality of Danish research to the high levels seen today.

About the Danish National Research Foundation
The Danish National Research Foundation was established in 1991 as an independent organisation with the objective to strengthen Danish research within all disciplines. This is accomplished through the Centers of Excellence programme which consists of large and flexible grants for funding periods of 6-10 years.

Read the original press release from the Danish national Research Foundation here, and read about the evaluation of the Danish National Research Foundation here.