New world record for Danish wind turbines

Denmark is the first country ever to generate more than 50 per cent of its electricity from wind power over a whole month.

According to new figures from, the Danish energy supplier and owner of the energy infrastructure in Denmark, a world-record level of 57.4 per cent of electricity was produced by wind turbines in December. 

“This is a milestone for the Danish wind power industry. It is extremely important that we are able to demonstrate that a far greater proportion of electricity can be generated from wind than previously thought,” says Henrik Stiesdal, CTO of Siemens Wind Power in Brande.

A year of wind records
In general, 2013 was a record year for wind power generation in Denmark. In total, 33.8 per cent of the electricity consumed in Denmark was generated from wind turbines, and it is the first time that a country has passed the one-third mark.

In addition, on one single day in December, Danish wind turbines produced more electricity than the country’s total consumption, i.e. more than 100 per cent.

“This really adds credibility when you’re marketing the message that green conversion is feasible. Especially when we have such a capable distributor as in Denmark,” says Henrik Stiesdal.