New bilingual private school in Copenhagen

In August 2014, the Institut Sankt Joseph in Copenhagen will be introducing a new bilingual education programme at both primary and secondary level following the Cambridge examinations curriculum.

The programme will consist of two curriculums taught in two languages and guided by the values of one unified school. Approximately half of the lessons will be taught in Danish following the dansk fællesmål, whereas the other half of the lessons (Maths, English and Science) will be taught in English following the Cambridge International curriculum. The ultimate goal is for students to be able to excel in both the Danish and International school systems while in Denmark, and also give students and their families the flexibility to succeed in Denmark and abroad both now and in the future.

Students will study for the IGCSE examinations at age 15/16. Successful completion of the IGCSE examinations is an entry requirement for IB grammar schools in Denmark and international high schools abroad.

The new bilingual programme could be of interest to the families of employees of international businesses setting up in Copenhagen as an alternative to international schools in which teaching is purely in English, or to the new European School.

Read more about the programme and Institut Sankt Joseph here.