Denmark is the best country to work in

Denmark has been acclaimed the second-best country to live in and Danes are the world’s happiest people. Now, the ITUC (International Trades Union Congress) says Denmark is the country with the best working conditions.

“Countries such as Denmark and Uruguay lead the way with their effective labour market regulations,” states Sharan Burrow, the General Secretary of the ITUC in a press release.

These effective regulations mean that Denmark is the only one out of 139 countries worldwide where, in accordance with 97 international parameters, employers treat their employees and union representatives fairly.

Haral Børsting, chairman of the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, is pleased with the report by ITUC. “There is still much to fight for in the labour movement, but when we look at it from a global perspective, it reminds us how proud we should be of the conditions we have helped create for workers in Denmark,” he says.

Solve problems together
The report praises Denmark as the only country in the world with a zero score in relation to all 97 parameters on workers’ rights.

“The study clearly shows that Denmark is a good country to work in. The Danish model, in which workers and employers generally solve their problems together, works well,” says Haral Børsting.

This is also echoed by the employers. “We are pleased that the trade unions own survey shows that Denmark is a country with a labour market model that works,” says Pernille Knudsen, director of the Confederation of Danish Employers.

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