Danish companies top for innovation in Europe

No other country in Europe can compete with the ability of Danish companies to invent new products, working processes and ways to market themselves. That is evident from a new study on innovation in the 27 EU member states carried out by Gallup Europe for the EU-funded research institution Eurofound.

The study is based on responses from nearly 30,000 European business leaders and representatives of employees in the private sector. Denmark is ranked top with 52 per cent of businesses having introduced new or significantly improved working processes since the beginning of 2010. In the EU as a whole, only 36 per cent of businesses have introduced or improved their working processes.

Denmark also comes top for the development of new products or services. Since the beginning of 2010, 55 per cent of Danish companies have developed new products while the EU average is a more modest 41 per cent.

"The study confirms that Denmark is leading the way in translating knowledge and energy into working processes and products that add business value," says Christian T. Ingemann, Director of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

"Companies now have easier access to research and consultancy in their specific fields, and we are working on making sure that research benefits the business community. For that reason, we are very pleased about the creation of the Danish Innovation Fund, which is another step in the right direction," he continues.