Danish-Chinese agreement to strengthen Danish export

A Danish-Chinese agreement is going to strengthen the collaboration between Danish and Chinese municipalities, and form the basis of increased Danish export to China.

"The agreement between the Local Government Denmark (LGDK) and the Chinese mayor association is to improve the collaboration between Danish and Chinese municipalities and open the doors to the Chinese market for Danish companies. At the same time, the agreement will help open up to Chinese investment in Denmark", says Jens Ive, Vice-President of LGDK's International Committee and Mayor of municipality of Rudersdal.

Municipalities are an important factor
The official agreement can be a principal factor in increasing Danish export to China and thus create more jobs in Denmark. The Danish municipalities play an important role in the areas which the Chinese have a special interest in, including urbanization, waste water treatment, waste management and energy and water resources.

"Even though the Danish municipalities are small compared to Chinese sizes, we have the necessary expertise and experience to address some of the challenges that China is facing because of the huge growth in recent years," says Sine Sunesen, director at LGDK.

And there is little doubt that it is worth the effort to enter the Chinese market. Last year, China became the world's largest trading nation and expects to invest heavily in problems related to urbanization. As an example, China is expected to invest around EUR 48 billion on water management only in the next 10 years.

"I am pleased to sign the agreement between LGDK and the Chinese mayor association CAM, and I hope that the agreement will support the Danish municipalities’ commitment, and hopefully it will be able to boost several initiatives in China", says Jens Ive.