Danish anemometer is roaring ahead

A Danish entrepreneurial company has been successful with a smartphone anemometer and now wants to explore the potential in agriculture.

The small Copenhagen company Vaavud has developed an anemometer which can be mounted to a smartphone and in that way provide the user with ultra-local wind measurements which official weather services are not able to deliver.

Vaavud’s anemometer is basically a plastic propeller, which can be mounted to a smartphone via the headphone jack. The anemometer has built-in magnets which enables the smartphone to detect the rotational speed via built-in sensors. The accompanying app enables the user to see both his own wind measurements and other users’ data.

The interest in the anemometer has been great, and a customer analysis shows that the customers come from all over the world. The analysis also shows that the product to a high extent is used by sailors. But according to managing director Thomas Helms, there is also great potential in agriculture, which is subject to very strict documentation requirements. The system must ensure that farmers quickly can meet the requirements and document where they have sprayed with chemicals, how close it was to streams and how the weather conditions were at the time. The app should thus make it much easier to meet regulatory requirements.