Copenhagen gathers the sharpest brains within science

In June, Copenhagen will host the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF 2014) which is Europe’s largest and most important interdisciplinary science conference.

ESOF 2014 will bring together over 4500 scientists, business leaders, government officials, students, policy-makers and international scientific media representatives to discuss the best of European science and to address all of the current major global scientific challenges.

”We should acclaim and engage in science because research in health, environment and food involves all of us each day. And that is exactly what EuroScience Open Forum is about. Research opens doors to new knowledge and new solutions to future challenges. And this is the foundation for our future welfare and society”, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen, Minister for Higher Education and Science.

Science Building Bridges
ESOF 2014 is uniquely designed as an open platform for debating science and as a showcase for European and global research at all levels. An ambitious public engagement programme will be organised in order to facilitate public dialogue, interaction and mutual responsiveness between scientific communities and society at large, hence building bridges between the world of science and society in general.

An important and highly visible element of ESOF 2014 is the Science in the City Festival, which takes place alongside the conference from the 21-26 June 2014. More than 80 Danish and international partners will incite guests to enter into dialogue and encourage hands on experience through an interactive display of research and research communication.

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