2013: A year of record highs for Danish wind energy

2013 was a record year for the expansion of wind energy in Denmark. By the end of the year, more than 33% of Danish electricity was being supplied from wind turbines and a further 656 MW (megawatts) had been connected to the electricity grid - of which 307 MW were land-based.
The proportion of wind power in the Danish electricity grid reached roughly a third of total Danish electricity consumption in 2013 (33.2%). This marks an increase of 3.12 percent, which is the second-largest ever recorded in Denmark, only surpassed by a 6.27 percent increase in 2011.
“2013 was a really good year for wind expansion in Denmark with one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms but also a number of land-based projects implemented. The expansion brings us one step closer to the Danish 2020 goal of 50% wind energy in the electricity grid,” says Jan Hylleberg, CEO of the Danish Wind Industry Foundation.
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