United Nations city to attract wealth to Copenhagen

The United Nations is undergoing significant expansion in Copenhagen with large new buildings that can accommodate over 1,000 employees. This will provide growth for Danish companies and create new jobs.

The United Nations city, which is opening on Marmormolen in Nordhavnen, is going to be very lucrative for Denmark. Within just a few years, 500 new jobs will be created, and an increasing number of orders will find their way to Danish companies.

In the longer term, the United Nations city will attract more global companies and organisations to the country. Because of the project, six UN agencies, located in Copenhagen, will be united in one building. This has already resulted in 200 additional jobs, and even more are in the pipeline. Lars Hørmann, project director of the United Nations city explains that the United Nations is aiming to centralise more of its operations in single locations around the world.

To begin with, 1,000 UN employees will be working in the new buildings and will be joined by an additional 200-300 employees next year.

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