The next Silicon Valley

Seven cities around the world are highlighted as the new hotspots for IT entrepreneurs by the U.S. business magazine Fortune. Copenhagen is on the list, and according to Fortune, Copenhagen is not the worst place you can go if you are an entrepreneur dreaming big dreams.

The Danish capital ranks fifth on Fortune's list of the world's most creative so-called IT hubs, and if these cities keep churning out results, Fortune predicts that soon we won't be asking, "Where's the next Silicon Valley?" Instead the question on everyone's lips may be: "Where's the next Copenhagen?"

According to Fortune’s guide of the world’s best IT entrepreneurial cities, the atmosphere in Copenhagen is sprightly and accommodating, startups are met enthusiastically and the climate is business-friendly.

Measures of success
Common to all the cities on the list is that creativity and capitalism go hand in hand.

The hospitality is great, educational institutions and digital infrastructure are of the highest standard and the results reflect this, says Fortune. Here, companies and institutions are given extra points for the ability to push new ideas and products out into the world market.

Fortune has rated the cities based on data from the Global Innovation Index, Insead and the UN World Intellectual Property Organization.

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