The Capital Region buys soil contamination test site

The Capital Region of Denmark has purchased a contaminated lot to serve as an international innovation laboratory for handling of soil and groundwater contamination.

A new test site in Skovlunde, outside of Copenhagen, will function as an innovation lab to improve the Capital Region of Denmark’s competences in handling soil and groundwater contamination. Development projects are financed and operated in national and international public-private partnerships.

- Denmark's leading research institutions and specialist companies in soil and groundwater contamination have already expressed their interest, and we are also communicating with international partners and investors. With the purchase of the test site we are opening up for a public-private partnership with great prospects, says Lars Gaardhøj (S), Chairman of the Environment and Green Growth Committee in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Local authorities already know of a number of contaminated sites in the Capital Region, and the decontamination of those could amount to DKK 7 billion.

- Landowners are rarely excited to make land available to long-term tests of methods with unknown side effects. The new site allows us to carry out tests without troubling landowners and with optimal opportunities to control effects, says Mads Terkelsen, Development Manager, Corporate Environment Division in the Capital Region.