Record high: EUR 43.4 million for sustainable energy and environmental research

Never before has the Danish Council for Strategic Research granted so much funding to climate and environmental research.

The Danish Council for Strategic Research has dedicated more funds than ever before to research into climate and the environment. Scientists within this field of research were granted EUR 43.4 million after the application deadline last Thursday.

The Danish Council for Strategic Research seeks to ensure that strategic research in Denmark is organized in such a way as to meet the challenges facing Danish society. The aim is to ensure Denmark’s position as a global frontrunner regarding welfare, wealth and science in the short and long term. The council differs from other research funding bodies because it prioritizes large grants for research in sustainable energy and the environment.

Since the Danish Council for Strategic Research is a governmental institution, the Parliament sets out the framework for how the funds should be distributed in different major categories. As a politically prioritized area, climate and the environment has been granted EUR 43.4 million, while EUR 24.5 million goes to health, food and welfare, EUR 11.5 million to strategic growth technologies and EUR 6.7 million to individuals, disease and society.

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