Ramboll helps realising the world's most advanced telescope

The construction of a new and ultra-advanced telescope will make it possible for astronomers to search for planets where life may exist. Ramboll has been chosen as consultant for the procurement and construction process.

The decision to build a new, large and revolutionary telescope was taken in late 2012 by the astronomy organisation European Southern Observatory (ESO). The telescope will make it possible to gain further knowledge about the composition and development of the universe.

The telescope will be the largest ever made: the dome itself will be almost 100 m in diameter (the size of the Colosseum in Rome), and as such it has also been named the 'European Extremely Large Telescope' (E-ELT). The telescope will enable astronomers to identify galaxies more than 13 billion light years away or search for life on planets around other stars in our galaxy, The Milky Way.

”This is an extremely ambitious project with colossal challenges, both technically and from a planning perspective. We see it as a great opportunity to further develop our skills within the field of “Big Science”," says Lars Ostenfeld Riemann, Group Director at Ramboll.

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