New Danish innovation centres strengthen ties with international partners

Denmark is strengthening Danish innovation, research, growth and employment by developing closer relationships with research and development players in Brazil, India and South Korea.

The opening of three new innovation centres is part of the Danish government’s innovation strategy which will prepare Danish companies and knowledge institutions for new global development. The new innovation centres have been established in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Denmark’s global opportunities are strengthened by attracting new knowledge, talents and investment that benefit growth and employment in Denmark. The innovation centres provide easier access for Danish companies and institutions to leading international knowledge and contribute to research and innovation cooperation between Danish and international partners. This will also help attract talented researchers and students who can create world-class research and educational environments in Denmark,” says Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard.

The new Innovation Centres are placed in countries that prioritise research, innovation and education and match Danish strongholds in sectors as Life Science, Cleantech, ICT and Agricultural Science. The new centres will offer counselling, training and assistance for Danish companies entering new markets. They will also help institutions establish partnership agreements with leading research- and educational institutions.