Government growth plan for design and creative industries

The Danish government has launched a growth plan for the creative and design industries. The plan sets out to strengthen the creative business potential to create growth and jobs, as well as sharpen Denmark’s international profile.

Danish design and architecture is world renowned and in recent years, Danish fashion has increased its revenue and international brand value significantly. Moreover, Danish film and TV productions have long been acclaimed winners at major international award shows. These industries act as a magnet for tourists and talents and strengthen Denmark's international brand as a creative nation.

However, the creative industries still have untapped potential. Denmark’s minister for business and growth Annette Vilhelmsen says:

"The creative industries have a large growth potential. But many small and medium-sized companies find business development and raising venture capital a challenge. That is why we will make more state funded business development courses available to creative entrepreneurs, as well as ensure funding and venture capital to creative entrepreneurs with promising development projects."

The growth plan, which is designed by the Danish government in liaison with companies and organisations in the creative industries, will improve Danish strongholds and boost growth and employment in areas where global demands offer new opportunities for Danish companies.

The growth plan has four main focus areas:

  • Business & entrepreneur skills and access to funding will be strengthened
  • Shorter time to market for new creative products and design solutions
  • Education and research to support growth in the creative industries
  • Denmark should be an international growth hub for architecture, fashion and design

“In partnership with a number of Danish industrial companies and creative design agencies, we want to strengthen Danish companies’ competitiveness through design and user-driven innovation. Initiatives should help grow creative environments, retain and create manufacturing jobs in Denmark, as well as attract foreign investments and talents to Denmark", says Annette Vilhelmsen.

The creative industries represent a significant part of the Danish economy. In 2010, the industries employed around 85,000 people (FTE) in service and production jobs and had a turnover of around DKK 200 billion. The creative industries account for 6-7 per cent of the total turnover and employment in Danish business. Growth has especially been favourable in parts of the fashion and clothing industry, where productivity also is higher than generally in Danish companies.

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