Denmark invests EUR 45.6 billion in infrastructure

Over the next ten years no less than 45.6 billion euros will be invested in infrastructure in Denmark. This is according to new calculations, carried out by the Danish newspaper, Børsen.

“We are making major investments and, considering the current financial situation, this is a good thing,” explains Birgitte Sloth, Professor of Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

Besides being able to kick-start the labour market, this significant level of investment should improve the transport system, which will generate major socio-economic gains.

Among the largest investments are EUR 2.1 billion in the metro and the metro city line, EUR 7.1 billion in the Fehmarnbelt project and EUR 3.6 billion in Danish railways. EUR 5.3 billion is also to be invested in new hospitals. This is on top of the EUR 45.6 billion investments in infrastructure.

According to The Danish Construction Association, the investments will create approximately 40,000 jobs in the construction industry.

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