Denmark secures top ten ranking on global innovation barometer

Danish innovation culture is on a roll. A 9th place on the global barometer of innovation, close behind countries like Singapore and Hong Kong is in part due to a steady flow of patents, science parks and developing businesses.

"Denmark's innovative abilities and the structure that supports innovation such as universities and science parks are some of the reasons why we continue to rank in the top ten," says Sidsel Hauge, European Patent Attorney and partner in the patent office Awapatent in Copenhagen.

Moreover, Denmark, despite its small size compared to the other countries in the top ten, is placed on a fourteenth place when it comes to the number of internationalised patents.

"In Denmark, we have a strong innovation culture and we have many innovative companies such as Coloplast, Lego and Velux which have all achieved international recognition and inspired others," she adds.


  1. Switzerland (number 1 in 2012)
  2. Sweden (2)
  3. Great Britain (5)
  4. The Netherlands (6)
  5. USA (10)
  6. Finland (4)
  7. Hong Kong (China) (8)
  8. Singapore (3)
  9. Denmark (7)
  10. Ireland (9)