Denmark to Launch Offshore Wind Tenders, Timetable Now Ready

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has published details of the tender process and the provisional timetable for the planned 1,500 MW of offshore wind power to be set up by 2020.

Since March 2012, it has been evident that Denmark should have two large offshore wind farms and several coastal offshore wind turbines to meet the goal of 50% of wind energy in the electricity mix by 2020.

The tender process kicks off in 2013
DEA will initiate the tender process for the two large offshore wind farms in 2013; however, the process for Horns Rev 3 is expected to be settled at the beginning of 2015, while the outcome of the tender for Krieger’s Flak must wait until the end of the same year.

Results of the geophysical surveys for Horns Rev 3 and Krieger’s Flak are expected to be published no later than March 31, 2013. The preliminary results of the studies will be presented already in February, during a seminar at the EWEA Exhibition in Vienna, Austria.

The prior information notice on the award of Horns Rev 3 and Krieger’s Flak will be published during 2013, with which the formal tender process kicks off.

DEA has scheduled the deadline for submission of bids to be in autumn2015, and concessions and construction permits are also expected to be issued before the end of 2015.

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