Denmark beats European record in digital communication with the public

A benchmark from the European Commission shows that Denmark is at the forefront when it comes to the use of digital solutions. 46 per cent of the European respondents have been in contact with public authorities via digital solutions during 2012. In Denmark, the number is 64 per cent, which is European record.

"The new figures show that we have come a long way in creating a more digital public Denmark. Digital self-service makes it easier to be a citizen in Denmark, and less expensive for the public sector. In December last year, change of address could only be registered digitally, and politicians are now deciding on many new areas which will become mandatory later this year," says Lars Frelle-Petersen, Agency for Digitisation.

Focus on user-friendly solutions
"Generally, the Danes seem more than ready for the new digital reality. But we must ensure that the digital services continuously improve to meet the needs of citizens and businesses. It is a prerequisite that there are actually achieved benefits of the digital transition," Lars Frelle-Petersen adds.

The need to focus on user-friendly solutions is confirmed by the new EU survey, which overall shows that Denmark is well on its way to provide public services to both the population and companies. The report also recommends that all EU countries should get a better understanding of the citizens’ needs, and accordingly become better at developing and implementing digital services.

Find the press release from the European Commission here.