Danish district heating for 1.8 million Chinese citizens

Cowi and Danfoss will implement the first large-scale district heating system in China for several million EUR over a period of three years. The district heating solution utilizes excess heat from a local steel plant.

Danfoss has recently signed a contract with business partners in the Chinese city Anshan comprising a district heating system for several million EUR. The contract is the largest agreement that Danfoss’ district heating division has entered into in China.

Following the agreement, the new district heating system will be delivered over a period of three years where Cowi, Danfoss’ strategic partner in China, will be in charge of preparing and implementing the project.

A Chinese role model
Located in the north-eastern part of China, Anshan has approximately 3.5 million citizens of which 1.8 million will benefit from district heating. This makes Anshan the first city in China that utilizes district heating for utility water on a large scale. The heat is produced from excess heat from a local steel plant, resulting in both a reduction of energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions for the city of about 240.000 ton per year.

Danfoss expects that this system will turn Anshan into a role model for energy efficient district heating solutions, which already have attracted the attention from many other municipal authorities. In continuation of the district heating agreement, Danfoss expands its facility in Anshan.

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