Copenhagen Airport has the world's best security processing

A total of 12.1 million passengers have rated 395 airports worldwide in the Skytrax international survey of passenger satisfaction, and the conclusion is clear: Copenhagen Airport has the world's best and most friendly security process.

"At a time when airport security screening is usually seen as a necessary evil, it is extremely important to make travellers feel welcome. In that respect, it is definitely a feather in the cap for our employees whose intensive efforts over the past six to seven years have helped passengers to a good start to their journey while constantly maintaining a high security level," said Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airport, about the Skytrax award, which is officially entitled "World’s Best Airport Security Processing".

The fact that the Copenhagen Airport security screening staff focuses so much on both service and security was emphasized in a full-scale inspection conducted by the EU in the autumn of 2012 which in conclusion commended Copenhagen Airport's Security Department for its both committed and friendly staff and for maintaining a high level of security that fully meets the international rules set by the EU and ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization).

"We are pleased that Copenhagen Airport has been rated best in the "World’s Best Airport Security Processing" category, which has for several years been dominated by Asian airports. At the end of the day, passengers appreciate efficient and friendly service, two areas in which Copenhagen Airport scored highly in the survey," said Edward Plaisted, Chairman of Skytrax.

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