Copenhagen's green agenda inspires New York

A sustainable world starts with sustainable cities. True to this credo the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Capacity visited New York to speak at a green solutions presentation at the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Huffington Post brings an interview with Lord Mayor Frank Jensen.

- In the plan on how to transform Copenhagen into the first carbon neutral capital in the world, we propose solutions that will be initiated in close partnership between public and private sector players. Wind turbines will be installed and investments made in solar cells, and power stations will be converted from fossil fuels to biomass.

We believe that carbon neutrality not only benefits the climate, the Copenhageners will gain a lot in terms of increased growth and life quality as well. Cleaner air, less noise and a greener city will give Copenhageners better daily lives and create more jobs, says Frank Jensen to Huffington Post.

Read the full interview here