Christian IV’s stock exchange for sale for several million euros

Børsen, the distinctive old stock exchange in the centre of Copenhagen right next to the parliament at Christiansborg, is for sale and the hunt for a new owner has begun.

The former owner, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, has grown out of the old commodity exchange and a mediator has therefore been hired to find a new buyer.

The purchase price has not been fixed, but Peter Winther, director of Sadolin and Albæk, estimates the purchase price will be roughly several million euros. It is Sadolin and Albæk who have been brought in to oversee the sale of the highly prominent landmark building.

“We have chosen to put the stock exchange on the market without an asking price because we think the market should be able to set the price according to what the market thinks is fair. As for what I believe the stock exchange should cost, I will keep that to myself for now,” says Peter Winther.

The stock exchange building will be advertised internationally and is expected to serve in the future primarily as an office, hotel and convention complex for companies who see an advantage in its location right next to Christiansborg.

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