Attracting promising international entrepreneurs to Denmark

A new Danish entrepreneurial initiative has been introduced in an attempt to attract foreign entrepreneurs to Denmark. Foreign entrepreneurs contribute to growth and job creation and bring international expertise to the domestic entrepreneurial environment. Besides growth and job creation, the initiative aims to promote Denmark as one of the best places in the world to start a business.

- “It’s a pleasure for me to encourage entrepreneurs who have brilliant business ideas with growth potential to come to Denmark and develop and accelerate their businesses,” says Annette Vilhelmsen, Danish Minister for Business and Growth.  “Denmark has an efficient and powerful ecosystem for developing startups and can offer specialist knowhow based on our position as world leaders, for example, in ICT, life sciences, cleantech and design. Brilliant business ideas with growth potential are welcome in Denmark."

The initiative ‘LaunchPad Denmark – Accelerating your World Class Startup’ invites 30 world class entrepreneurs to compete in a business plan competition with the chance of winning a unique scholarship including professional coaching and training, access to capital, cash prizes, sponsorships, and, most importantly, access to a vigorous entrepreneurial community in Denmark and a gateway to the European market.

Denmark offers easy plug’n’play business set-ups and the opportunity to apply for residence and work permits to operate on a self-employed basis in the country. Denmark has some of the world’s best framework conditions for entrepreneurs when it comes, for example, to market conditions and the creation and diffusion of knowledge. Based in Denmark, a startup company has easy access to the entire European Union. Furthermore, the labour market in Denmark is very flexible and there is a highly qualified and motivated talent pool.

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