The largest solar cell system in the North resides in Denmark

The largest solar cell facility in Northern Europe has just been completed and is located in the town of Virum in Denmark, according to the ingeniø website

The plant consists of 2,600 solar panels with a total surface area of 4,650 m2 distributed over 15,000 m2 of roof. With its 605 kW the plant is more than twice as large as the second biggest solar facility, according to GreenGo Energy who constructed the site.

The solar plant is owned by SEB Real Estates and will produce 545,000 kWh a year, which is equal to the average annual electricity consumption of 120 households.

The plant will increase Denmark’s solar capacity by 8 percent and it is estimated that it will save 300 tonnes of CO2 compared with if the electricity had been produced by a coal-fired power station.

Furthermore, GreenGo is enabling its customers to follow solar cell production and CO2 savings on a continual basis.

- We collect data from the individual plants which we communicate to our customers every hour. They can then upload it onto their website for instance, explains Frederik Flagstad, COO of GreenGo Energy.

The solar cell system is already in use, but is expected to be expanded to 800 kW. This would involve the utilization of the entire 20,000 m2 roof.