RESEARCH2020 catalogue forms strategic basis for Danish research

Five strategic research visions outline the most promising areas for future public research investments, writes the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education in a recent press release.

The new visionary RESEARCH2020 catalogue identifies the most promising areas for public investment in research.

The catalogue will serve as a basis for knowledge and decision-making when the Danish Parliament allocates funds for strategic research investments in the coming years.

- Denmark ranks among the European countries that invest most heavily in research and development. The investments strengthen Denmark in the global competition. New intelligent investments should contribute to solve major societal challenges and lay the foundation for future jobs and welfare. RESEARCH2020 provides a visionary basis for decisions, offering a sound overview of research investments with the largest societal potential, says Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard.

5 visions
The catalogue contains five visions, resulting from 12 months of thorough analysis and dialogue. Amongst others, universities, organisations, ministries and research councils have identified the need for research, which our social and economic development will require in the years to come. The five visions are:

• A society with a green economy
• A society that includes health and quality of life
• A high-tech society with innovative capacity
• An efficient and competitive society
• A competent and cohesive society

- RESEARCH2020 shows that research-based solutions to major societal challenges combined with unique Danish positions of strengths have the potential to drive growth and employment in Denmark. In the catalogue, politicians as well as universities, the industry and private funds will find knowledge and inspiration to strengthen the public-private research collaboration within important areas of society, says Morten Østergaard.

The catalogue is not an expression of government priorities, but reflects what central research policy stakeholders point out to be the most important areas for socially strategic research investments in the coming years.

For more information
For more information in English, visit Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation’s RESEARCH2020 website here