Positive figures for Danish industry investment

Danish industry expects levels of investment to increase from eight percent in October 2011 to 25 percent in 2012, writes the Danish Chamber of Commerce

Recent figures from Danish Statistics indicate an expected increase in industrial investment of 25 percent during 2012.

- We are very pleased that industry is expecting this increase in investment to 25 percent in 2012 – and it is very pleasing that these expectations are broadly based, covering both long-term capital goods and the more short-term production of non-durable goods, which are an important indicator of private consumption, says Bo Sandberg, Chief Economist at the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

It is expected that the boost in investment will contribute to a decent increase in GDP for 2012.

- We no longer expect there to be a dynamic effect on private consumption, but we are certain that we will see a related dynamic effect on business investment in 2012-13, when some of the accumulated investment demand is released. The figures from Danish Statistics support this, elaborates Bo Sandberg.

In 2011, the vast majority of economic growth was down to solid exports. Exports are expected to be an equally important contributor to growth in 2012, when the Danish Chamber of Commerce also expects increases in investment, private consumption and the overall global economy.