Noma is still the world’s best restaurant

For the third year running, Noma in Denmark has been named the world’s best restaurant reports the Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper.

Only four restaurants can proudly claim the prestigious title of best restaurant on the planet since the award was introduced in 2002. The spectacular Danish restaurant, Noma, has won this title no fewer than three times.

- Noma has had no trouble maintaining its role as a leading restaurant, says cookery editor, Mira Arkin.

Arkin believes that Noma can no longer be regarded as a simple restaurant, but is approaching the status of a mecca of gastronomical research. This is certainly the experience one has when visiting the restaurant.

- In this regard, “best” equals “most interesting”. The award panel is made up of the world’s leading reviewers. They want to be challenged. As a result, it is the most extreme and avant-garde restaurants that score the highest marks, continues Mira Arkin.

Geranium, the Danish restaurant owned by Bocuse d'Or winner, Rasmus Kofoed, was ranked 49th on the list.

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