Nobel Prize winner boosts Danish stem cell research

The Japanese Nobel Prize winner in medicine Shinya Yamanaka has made his stem cell research available to Danish researchers, reports the Politiken daily newspaper.

Japanese Shinya Yamanaka and British John B. Gurdon received this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine.

Henrik Semb, Professor and Head of Danish Stem Cell Centre at University of Copenhagen, is very pleased with the announcement as Danish researchers have worked with the Japanese scientist for quite some time.

- This is very well deserved, says Henrik Semb.

Yamanaka’s research has been decisive for the progress made in Danish studies of diabetes.

- We asked for permission to access parts of his research, which he has generously agreed to, elaborates Semb.

Yamanaka’s research is ground-breaking because he has made it possible to do research directly in human cells rather than in mice stem cells.