New venture fund for Danish start-ups

'A new capital fund will soon be available for small Danish enterprises, according to the website of Danish Radio '

Close to DKK 50 million from a new growth fund is intended to boost the Danish economy through small and medium- sized Danish companies. The purpose is to supply venture capital in order to promote growth in smaller businesses.

- We would like to offer the companies some opportunities that are currently not being provided by the banks, says Mads Kragh, Director at Væksthus Sjælland.

The fund will consist of capital from private investors, the EU and the Danish authorities.

- We can supply small amounts of capital and equity to the firms. If they are not able to finance their activities, growth in Region Zealand will come to a standstill, and that has economic consequences for all of us, says Mads Kragh.

The amount of the micro loans can constitute anything from DKK one thousand to DKK one million, depending on the projects in question.