Michelin stars spread growth to other business sectors

14 Danish restaurants were recently awarded Michelin stars. This is good for the restaurant business but will certainly benefit the tourism, retail and transport sectors too, according to the Danish Chamber of Commerce

It is not only the chefs at the 14 Danish restaurants that should be pleased with the award. The Danish Chamber of Commerce expects the effects of this recognition to spread to other commercial segments.

- The enormous hype around Noma, the Michelin stars and the new Nordic kitchen is making a very positive contribution to the Copenhagen brand. It will particularly attract high-consuming “foodies” who actively seek out these stars, but more importantly it will brand Copenhagen as an attractive destination for a wider segment of tourists, says Mette Feifer, Market Director at the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

- You should not underestimate the influence that these stars can have on a number of other business sectors. These awards will most certainly help attract more tourists and will thereby create growth and revenue for entities outside the gourmet restaurants – for instance hotel, transport and retail businesses, elaborates Mette Feifer.

The concept of Michelin stars was introduced by Michelin in the 1930s.