Innovation in construction projects

Partnerships between public entrepreneurs, private enterprises and educational institutions will spark creativity in Danish construction projects

The Danish construction sector is engaging in a new venture involving collaboration between public and private entities. The aim is to spark innovation and create new building projects, writes the Børsen daily newspaper.

The new initiative is basically to establish cooperative projects involving the owners of public buildings, private firms and research or educational organisations. The three actors will collectively contribute to a construction project with the aim of enhancing the level of creativity and innovation, while expanding the capacity of knowledge involved in the project, due to the different inputs from the various participants. This new style of collaboration has been dubbed OPI, which in Danish is an acronym for public-private innovation.

Achieving new competences in technology, processes and intellectual property rights are some of the explicit objectives. This new style of cooperation is quickly becoming established and the law firm, Rønne & Lundgren, currently has a department of six lawyers that work entirely with OPI.

- OPI has gained momentum over the past three years, and we are now working with it on a daily basis. 7-8 percent of our revenue is related to this area, says Michael Alstrøm, Partner at Rønne & Lundgren. He is head of the company’s department for public companies together with Søren Hilbert, who is also a partner in the law firm.

- I believe cooperative projects in the OPI-framework can enhance productivity in construction by approximately ten percent, elaborates Søren Hilbert.

The Association of Contractors is pleased about the initiative as well.

- As a contractor, you cannot always look at all the options yourself, and therefore it is a great asset to have other market representatives included in these processes. That gives the public offerings a nudge more, says Henrik Bang, CEO of the Association of Contractors.