Free innovation check-ups is a success

Not only do more Danish companies accept the offer of getting a visit from the “Innovation Agents”; four out of five are so excited that they recommend the service to others, writes Danish Daily Newspaper Berlingske.

The national service “Innovation Agents” is experiencing an increasing level of interest. In 2011, the team performed 36 per cent more check-ups in Danish SME’s compared to the year before. And the service receives positive feedback.

83 per cent of the companies that the agents paid a visit would recommend other companies to accept the offer and expose their innovation readiness to a closer examination.

- I find the response very uplifting. The service is designed for the exact reason to target the small- and medium-sized companies that haven’t yet established collaboration with knowledge institutions. Until now, that is something companies have done on their own, but if we can assist in establishing contact, we will be very happy, says project manager at Innovation Agents, Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann.

The free innovation check-ups have been conducted since 2010 and are funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovations. A check-up includes 20 consultancy hours from one of the 30 Innovation Agent business consultants and an assessment of the innovation potential and innovation requirements.

It is yet too early to conclude how the innovation check-ups have affected the companies’ bottom line.

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For more information on innovation check-ups in English, please visit the Danish Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology’s project website

To book a visit by Innovation Agents, please visit (website in Danish)