Former Nokia employees to shape a digital revolution at Volvo

After an unsuccessful attempt to attract some of the former Nokia employees to Gothenburg, Volvo has chosen to establish its research and development centre for electronic equipment and instruments in Denmark, according to the Ingeniøren/Electronics website.

Electronics and software will play a central role in the cars of the future. However, it is not a question of making the functions more advanced, but rather making them simpler.

- Many of the employees who have worked on the development of mobile phones in Denmark, have been involved in the development of the simplest, most user-friendly models that may not have been so popular here but which have been produced for the many customers who just want a simple device that works and is easy to use. The task will be somewhat similar at Volvo where we intend to produce electronic equipment which is easy to use, looks attractive, and above all, is safe, explains Nikolaj Nøhr-Rasmussen, Site Manager at Volvo.

Jacob Juul, Director of Strategy and Innovation, believes that there are obvious benefits to bringing former developers from the mobile phone industry to work on the development of information and entertainment units in cars. These units will be permanently linked to the internet.

- We all know how to operate a car radio, but the next generation of car “Infotainment” systems will be like an experience centre, which can potentially supply all kinds of content, says Jacob Juul.

The Danish research and development department will be directly subject to Volvo in Gothenburg.

- Initially we tried to convince the former Nokia employees to move to Gothenburg, but no one wanted to do that, so the decision was made to establish a research and development department here in Nokia’s old development centre in Sydhavn, says Nikolaj Nøhr-Rasmussen.