Foreign enterprises dig Danish energy

In 2011 Denmark exported wind turbines and expertise on energy to the tune of DKK 63.4 billion

Danish energy is quite the success story.

Last year Denmark had energy-related exports of DKK 63.4 billion, which is an increase of 18 percent compared to the average of the past three years.

- The Danish export of energy technology is undergoing positive development, and this is very encouraging. We are benefitting from it environmentally, but we are also gaining a lot of new jobs for Denmark. If this development continues, it will create tens of thousands of jobs throughout Denmark in production, service and consultancy. In this way, there is a lot of potential to build on in terms of employment, the economy and protecting the climate, says Martin Lidegaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Building.

According to the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI), foreign companies are seeking a wide range of Danish competences related to energy, as enquiries cover everything from expertise and district heating pipes to construction components and energy-efficient operating systems for cables and wind turbines.

- Currently we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries about green technologies and sustainable energy systems. Denmark is a place where many new energy technologies are being developed. When foreign countries are considering solutions to efficient and sustainable technology, they look to Denmark, says Peter Slente, Head of Energy at the DI.

The majority of Danish exports go to our European neighbours.