Export figures bode well for Danish economy

Despite the financial crisis in the Southern European countries, Danish exports are doing extremely well, writes the Politiken daily newspaper

According to recent figures from Statistics Denmark, Danish exports, excluding beverages, planes and ships, increased by six percent from November to December 2011. The specific figures show an increase of five percent in exports to European countries and of 7.5 percent to nations outside Europe.

- Combined with the fact that we received some quite positive figures yesterday regarding industrial production, this bodes very well for the Danish economy, says Jacob Warburg, Chief Economist at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The growth in exports is particularly due to greater demand for Danish exports from Germany and the US, which has risen by 6.3 and 13.3 percent respectively.

Jacob Warburg believes the strengthening of the American dollar since the summer has played a part in this development, since it has made it cheaper for American consumers to purchase Danish products.

- The fact that things are going so well for these two countries is very positive for Denmark. Generally speaking, I also believe we can be pleased that the acute risk of an economic meltdown is disappearing, concludes Jan Rose Skaksen, Professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).