Export agreement kicks the door in for green technology

A new comprehensive OECD agreement makes it easier for green businesses to sell goods and services abroad, writes Danish daily newspaper Berlingske.

Green businesses are now facing one less barrier when convincing foreign buyers to invest in green technology. That is the outcome of a new general agreement signed by 36 OECD countries, allowing businesses to finance their investments over an extended time span. The new agreement prolongs the payback time from 10 to a maximum of 15 years, and the agreement has been extended to include more industries, particularly within green technology.

Many Danish companies are highly specialised in green technology, and that is why the Danish Export Credit Agency (EKF) initiated the agreement.

- Now it will be possible to finance many more projects on commercial terms, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy, so we are very pleased the agreement has finally been concluded. During the financial crisis it has been particularly difficult to get project funding and therefore this is a step in the right direction, says Marie Gad, Senior Consultant, the Confederation of Danish Industry’s (DI).

The extended OECD agreement will in particular include the technologies waste management and incineration, district heating and cooling, cogeneration and multi-fuel plants.

The agreement has come into effective immediately.

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