Recent agreement on energy ignites biogas production

Production of biogas is expected to increase following the successful energy agreement of March this year, resulting in more investments and employment, writes Ritzau Bureau.

The Danish biogas sector can anticipate a serious boost as a result of the recent political agreement. A survey by state-owned shows that every third producer of biogas expects to increase production with more than 50 percent. Contextually, 80 percent of the respondents expect an increase in both level of investments and staff.

The energy agreement considerably improves the framework conditions for biogas production. The financial aid given to projects involving biogas increases from 20 to 30 percent and various other initiatives will be introduced to make biogas production more economically viable.

Bruno Sander Nielsen, Head of Secretariat in the Trade Organisation for Biogas, expects to see at least 25 new biogas facilities as a consequence of the energy agreement.

- Up until now, all aid has been spent on biogas at locale power plants. The same aid is now available for projects that use biogas in gas grids, enabling one not to be dependent on a large, locale power markets.

These findings were presented at the largest conference on biogas in the Nordic countries, which this year was held at the Bella Center in Copenhagen in late April.

Nordic Biogas Conference 2012 - Copenhagen