Danish scientists reveal lethal gene in Malaria

A vaccine against Malaria is a big step closer to become a reality, as Danish scientists and Tanzanian researchers have discovered the specific gene that makes Malaria lethal, writes Ritzau Bureau.

Every year, 700,000 people die from Malaria, the majority being children who have not yet developed a natural immunity.

For six years, Danish and Tanzanian researchers have gathered blood samples from children in hospitals in East Tanzania, and the efforts have resulted in this recent breakthrough.

- We have now found the gene that the parasite uses to bind itself to the body’s vessel web, says Thomas Lavstsen, Lecturer at the Center for Parasitology at Copenhagen University.

- Having discovered this gene is an important step towards developing a vaccine against Malaria for children, elaborates Thomas Lavstsen.

A prototype vaccine is expected to be testable in 10 years.