Danish Pharma continues to strike gold

A Danish pharmaceutical product has been sold for more than DKK half a billion, writes markedsføring.dk

The Danish biotech company Action Pharma has recently sold a potential pharmaceutical product for no less than DKK 610 million to the global medical group Abbott.

The product is still under development, but it is reaching its final stage. The drug is intended to aid patients with acute kidney problems. The purchase is one of the largest pharmaceutical deals in the world.

It is estimated that Action Pharma has spent DKK 286 million developing the product, which means there will be dividends of DKK one million for the company’s shareholders.

The Danish biotech company Zealand Pharma will benefit from the sale as well. The company owns the rights to a certain type of technology applicable to the product in question, which means that Action Pharma will transfer DKK 62 million to Zealand Pharma as a consequence of the sale to Abbott