Danish design to carry exports

The Danish government aims to increase exports of Danish design, architecture and furniture.

Fashion, jewellery, mink, architecture and design has potential to make up a bigger part of Danish exports. Danish furniture is particularly renowned among foreign consumers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an expressed focus on the creative industries in its export strategies. President of the Danish Design Association Gitte Just is pleased with this and stresses that “old” designers such as Arne Jacobsen are still hot names in the international arena.

- Some might find it a bit tiring that the classic architects are always brought up. On the other hand, our design heritage is widely recognized throughout the world and is something most people love talking about, says Gitte Just.

Danish design is however recognized as more than fashion and furniture design:

- In Asia Danish design is, among other things, acknowledged for designing insulin syringes for diabetes patients.

According to the Danish Design Association and the Export Council, differentiation is one of the competitive advantages of Danish design and architecture.

- We are very good at combining aesthetics with functionality, and we are strong in innovative design solutions, continues Gitte Just.