Danish business pleased with wide political agreement on energy

The recent energy settlement is both ambitious and pragmatic, states the Danish business community

The Danish authorities newly establishes agreement on energy will generate quite a bill for the Danish corporate sector, but this will be compensated by extensive growth, writes the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

- The fact that the government’s and the opposition’s marathon negotiations is now succesfully ended, is positive. The energy agreement is both ambitious and pragmatic. It has a great independent, positiv affect on the private sector that the parties have decided to continue the long tradition of wide settlements on the energy area. Energy investments particularly, are characterised by a long timeframe and they are exstra sensitive for changes in framework conditions, says Chief Economist, Bo Sandberg, in Danish Chamber of Commerce.

- Naturally, we are aware that we have to pay a bill of DKK 3.6 billion up to 2020. That is one side of the equation. But the other side contains positive growth- and employment opportunities, which presumably will counterbalance the calculation, elaborates Bo Sandberg.

According to the Danish Chamber of Commerce, an aggressive investment in energy contains great potential for the service sector and the green business firms.

- There are good business opportunities and cost reduction potential in the domestic market for the service sector – for instance in relation to energy renovation of existing building blocks. The same can be said for the export market, where cleantech and energy technology are already constituting an important part of our export and these are segments where we must expect deals worth of billions in the future, concludes Bo Sandberg.