Danish business executives are positive

Danish business is picking up again as sales and employment are increasing, writes the Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper

Optimism is flourishing in Danish commerce. Sales, surpluses, new orders and employment are on the up. The positive figures are not just an expression of increased faith in the domestic scene but of a general consensus that European and global economic conditions are improving.

This is reflected in a survey conducted by Berlingske Research constituting the 1000 largest companies in Denmark. 225 managing directors and executives from these companies indicated that they had positive expectations.

- The situation is improving. The wheels have started turning again. We are not talking about an explosion, but we have had a decent increase in new orders and we can feel the increase in sales, says Kenneth Iversen, Managing Director of Kyocera Unimerco in Herning.

Steen Bødtker, Managing Director of Expedit, agrees.

- We can see that the market segment for our product is more positive. For some time, investments and decisions have been pending, but they have now resumed.

Expedit has had a remarkable start to the new year with a two-digit growth rate in sales.