Danish students design the future Volvo

In a joint cooperation with Volvo, three Danish engineering students from Aalborg University is designing the future Volvo truck, writes ingeniøren.dk

The temperature monitors have been removed, and the driver seat is placed in the middle of the car, providing visibility all the way to the bumper. These features are part of the vision in the master project of three Danish engineering students at Aalborg University. They are designing the future Volvo truck, and the overall objectives of the design project have been to integrate the many mechanic functions in digital solutions and to increase visibility and driver awareness, for example by adjusting the seat position and replacing mirrors with small cameras.

- We believe that in the future, a truck is not just a truck. It (the vehicle) will interact with the surrounding traffic through systems that make it a safer and drive more economic drive. This can be green-flow systems in the cities or truck-train technologies on the open roads, says Kristoffer Munk, one of the aspiring engineers.

The three engineering students have recently presented their concept to 30 people, constituting engineering specialists and system designers from Volvo, who were fond of the initiative.

- The students have been given a wide framework to design the cabin and the driver’s graphic user interface. Their overall ambition has been to minimise distractions for the driver and to combine all the information in a truck in a new way, and I think they have done very well, says Anna Heyden, Senior Interaction Designer from Volvo.

The students have developed a physical prototype that will be tested during the fall.