University of Copenhagen receives 1.3 billion DKK for new Panum building

The Danish government and the A.P. Møller Foundation donate 1.3 billion DKK to the Panum Institute’s new research tower that is expected to be ready in 2015. According to University of Copenhagen, the tower will accommodate front line research.

When the new Panum tower is ready for use, researchers will have access to 42,700 square metres spaced on 17 floors, writes Danish newspaper Ingeniø

Construction costs will amount to 1,323 billion DKK and are paid by the Danish government and the A.P. Møller Foundation.

According to plans, the new building will accommodate important health science fields, including global health, pharmacology, healthy aging, metabolism and heart- and brain diseases. The objective is to extend the Danes’ life expectancy and to improve their life quality.

Due to spacious facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and an improved faculty structure, the new building will provide an improved research framework.

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