Copenhagen Airport getting baggage system ready for 30 million passengers

Copenhagen Airport has signed an agreement with Siemens for an upgrade and expansion of the airport's baggage system. The agreement has a value of about DKK 90 million, and the total cost of expanding the system will be DKK 250 million, writes Copenhagen Airport at

The project will make the baggage system ready for the future passenger flows through a capacity expansion that will enable Copenhagen Airport to handle up to 30 million passengers and will further enhance the operational reliability of the system. The project is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2013.

- At Copenhagen Airport we have continuously upgraded our baggage system over the past two to three years, enhancing the operational reliability as well as the capacity of the system. However, all forecasts indicate that passenger numbers will continue to grow in the years ahead, and we are therefore launching the most comprehensive upgrade and expansion of the system throughout its entire life cycle, says Kristian Durhuus, COO of Copenhagen Airports.

Completion in May 2013
This huge project will start up in October and is scheduled for completion in May next year to make the baggage system ready for the summer traffic of 2013. In addition to the capacity increase, CPH will also use the project to further stabilise operational reliability by doubling part of the system, which will minimise the effects of the system breakdowns, unavoidable as they are in a system that includes about nine kilometres of baggage conveyors.